Thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

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Thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

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thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

Without further artificial and irrelevant ado, what better time if not now, to discuss the Best PlayStation 4 Steering Wheel? Hell yeah. Regular readers know that I tend to ignore lower priced racing gear. Therefore, only quality wheels will be reviewed.

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However, simulations like Project Cars support this premium class wheel without too much hassle. In my opinion, the quality you get from the not-so-cheap Fanatec stuff is worth almost any effort.

For Fanatec reviews, look here:. See below for more info! This wheel is not natively supported on PS4. Notwithstanding, you can use it, with some small usability glitches. If you are interested in the Thrustmaster T, look here for a detailed review. Disclaimer : This article was initially released on the 5th of December It has since been updated and maintained frequently. Last Update: 28th of July, Sure, the price tag may be out of scope if you are not used to top class racing hardware.

The euqation is easy: If two wheels have sufficient and high quality forcefeedback, use the quicker of them both. Another 8 kg 18 lbs for Club Sport V3 pedals. However, these masses totally add to the stability of your racing rig.

Where with plastic devices, you fight against your table or racing simulator cockpit, with Fanatec, you fight almost just with the wheels. This is how it should be! Quick Rating: Hmm, okay. My personal recommendation would be to save some more bucks. However, if you drift just a few laps once in while and see racing as more of a quick amusement, you may consider this wheel. There is no force feedback in this wheel. It suits you if you just do some fun laps every now and then, but be realistic: You get what you pay for.Please make sure you have enough free space on the PS4 system we recommend at least double the required space to make sure the download and install is successful.

Gran Turismo Sport is designed primarily as an online experience. Progress will only be saved in Gran Turismo Sport during online gameplay. If you are unable to connect to the Internet, you will only be able to play in Arcade mode.

This mode offers a limited selection of cars and tracks, and does not count towards your game progression while offline. Gran Turismo Sport supports autosaving. To save manually, select 'Save' from the GT Sport main menu. When you launch GT Sport for the first time you will be asked to choose your display settings. If your display device is HDR compatible, or if you're using a PS4 Pro and your display device is 4K ready, you'll be given the option to switch these settings on.

If your display device does not support 4K or HDR, these options will be greyed out. Find out more about how to enable 4K resolution on your PS4 Pro system. Credits are earned through completing in-game events, and can be used to purchase new cars from the Brand Central area of the main menu. Aside from the pre-order and digital deluxe bonuses, credits are only earned through in-game progress.

Expert review: Thrustmaster T150 RS Pro and Thrustmaster TMX Pro

Mileage is accumulated naturally through playing the game. The more races and events you complete, the more Mileage Points you will earn. You can use your accrued Mileage Points to unlock content like exclusive cars, decals, liveries, paint colours and driving gear at the Mileage Exchange. Experience points are earned through completing in-game races and events.

As your gain more experience your level will increase, unlocking more tracks within the game. The following steering wheel peripherals are compatible with GT Sport. If your model is not listed, we cannot guarantee full compatibility with GT Sport. Please refer to the manufacturer website for further support. Scapes is a feature that lets you position cars from your Garage in scenes from around the world and take iconic photos and share them with your friends. An additional content pack with more scenes can be downloaded for free from the PlayStation Store.

If you have PlayStation VR you can experience VR Tour, a degree virtual 3D space where you can take on an AI opponent in an immersive head-to-head race, or view various cars in a virtual showroom. Updated 11 December Games : Game Information. Product versions available from PlayStation Store. Standard Edition Digital Deluxe Edition. More Less. Saving your progress Gran Turismo Sport is designed primarily as an online experience. Game progression and rewards. Credits Credits are earned through completing in-game events, and can be used to purchase new cars from the Brand Central area of the main menu.

Mileage Mileage is accumulated naturally through playing the game.

thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

Experience Experience points are earned through completing in-game races and events. Compatible peripherals The following steering wheel peripherals are compatible with GT Sport.Below is our short video demonstrating how to fully setup and configure the Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel on a PlayStation 4. Hello Im using T80 and pedals are switched weird in GranTurismo 4. Gas is left and break is right pedal, which is super confusing.

Does anyone know how to resolve this and change it? Ive looked into every single option menu in the game and couldnt find anything. I have a PS4 and T80 wheel. Have tried both modes to try to get it to work with Dirt Rally supported and WRC5, but in both cases once the game fires up, the only button on the wheel that will work is the PS button.

When not in a game, the buttons on the wheel work just fine. Inside each game, the standard controller will work fine, but not the wheel.

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Any ideas on what is happening? Bought this system used and all worked fine for the previous owner. I am having trouble with the the T80 and gran Tourismo 5. All the buttons work but the steering. The steering does work when I play F1 racing game. I tried following the steps on thrustmaster. My steering either does not turn the car in the game and when I try calibration it locks the steering either left or right in the game.

Please help. What do the color of lights mean on a Thrustmaster T80 Steering Wheel? Why is the LED flashing red on your Wheel? How to set the sensitivity on the T80 wheel? Milan Zivanov December 21, at pm. Ian Matthews April 30, at pm.

Do you have the small physical switch on the wheel set to PS3 or PS4? Ian Matthews January 6, at pm. Christian Hozman September 24, at am. Ian Matthews July 24, at pm.

Ian Matthews March 15, at pm. It sounds like a defective unit. Questions or Comments? Cancel reply.Well, I guess now is as good a time as ever! The great thing about Sim Racing is that it can be quite accessible. First, at least Degrees of Rotation.

Higher degrees of rotation are also great for types of racing such as Rally, Drifting, and some touring cars. Secondly, you want quick force feedback. So being able to have a faster wheel will give you closer to a experience. Lastly, the main criteria I judge wheels on is the smoothness of the driving feel.

Real world cars have a pretty smooth feel through the wheel while driving.

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So yeah, I guess you could say you want a smooth steering feel there. Force Feedback has been around for a surprisingly long time, dating back all the way to the Atari TX-1 Arcade game in The main benefit of these systems is the fact that you can use a small motor, but still produce a decent amount of force. It will use commonly plastic gears to create a transmission system to amplify the forces from the motor to the wheel.

thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

Gear driven wheels are easily the noisiest and least precise in terms of Force Feedback wheels, thanks to the way the cog system works. Belt Drive wheels are a relatively new tech, with the first consumer-grade Belt Driven models being sold around or so.

Fanatec was the first company to release a consumer grade Belt Drive wheel, but then the technology was widely popularized when the Belt-Driven Thrustmaster TRS was selected as the Official Wheel of Gran Turismo 5 in The main benefits of a Belt Driven wheel over the gear drive counterparts is smoothness and power.

Going up to a direct drive wheel, there are basically no compromises in the force feedback. A Direct Drive cuts the middle man out of the picture, directly mounting a steering wheel onto a large motor. The result of this? The strongest, fastest, and smoothest Force Feedback you can get or likely even want. In my opinion, Direct Drive Force Feedback is simply the best you can get at this point in time. One other benefit of the wheel is that it includes a baseline 2 pedal set, and is compatible with the Playstation 4!

Personally… I would highly recommend that you look into investing a little more to try to pick something up that has some more force feedback, and degrees of rotation. You can sometimes be shocked at the deals you can find, from someone looking to offload their stuff or just someone looking to upgrade.

As long as the wheel is in decent condition, the used marketplace CAN serve as an option to get a decent wheel for a reasonable price. Thrustmaster T80 Thrustmaster Ferrari Spider. The next price bracket is an interesting one, as this is an area where the prices can wildly fluctuate. This is where you will start seeing wheels with the aforementioned degrees of rotation and Force Feedback systems.

Gran Turismo Sport Gameplay and Thrustmaster Settings!

In this price bracket, you will see the wheels utilizing geared Force Feedback. My personal recommendation in this category will be the Logitech G29 or G The latest generation wheels are the follow-up to the Logitech G27, which is still an incredible Sim Racing wheel with many racers using it to this day.Unlike the best gaming keyboards or gaming micea racing wheel is decidedly niche.

thrustmaster t80 gran turismo sport setup

And, while low-end racing wheels might bring back memories of playing cheap racing games in the arcade, the best racing wheels out there can simulate what it feels like to drive a real race car. But, how do you find the top racing wheels? Well, we here at TechRadar have gathered up all the best racing wheels on the market right now.

For years Logitech made virtually the default console race wheels. The Logitech G25 and G27 were crackers. That comes with good and bad parts. The quality of the wheel itself is great too. Fanatec and Thrustmaster charge a lot more for leather wheels. The Logitech G29 gets you higher-end extras at no extra cost.

Its pedal board is much better than anything else at the price too, with a board that has a clutch and very solid metal plates. There is one reason to prefer a Thrustmaster wheel, though. The Logitech wheels still use a completely gear-based system for their force feedback rather than belts. What makes the Thrustmaster T RS and its brothers so easy to recommend is the new force feedback system.

Any force feedback wheel will add a whole new dimension of fun to reasonably realistic racing games like Forza Motorsport and Driveclub, but at the price these Thrustmasters are the obvious choice. The steering wheel is solid and very grippy, but uses a rubber grip rather than a leather one.

Many people will be fine with the material, but after using the G29 we did miss the feel a little. The pedal caps are metal, but this is really just a basic plastic construction, without the stiffness of a great board or more advanced features like a high-end progressive brake.

These wheels are actually part of a system — you can get other steering wheels and more advanced pedal boards, the T3PA and the fab T3PA Pro. Against: Wheel diameter a little small, Slightly notchy turn feel, Pedals are not a major upgrade.

Read the full review: Thrustmaster T-GT. They use the same wheel base tech, but have the controls and compatibility chips needed to get on-board with these seemingly picky consoles. So, what are the differences between T and T RS? The main one is that while the T RS has force feedback driven entirely by belts, the T uses a combo of a helical gear system and a belt. The parts that seem a little cheap in the more expensive Thrustmasters are even more budget-y here, though.

All-plastic, flimsy pedals are miles off what you get with the Logitech wheel.

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Their low-resistance action makes them feel like arcade racer fodder, while the force feedback is definitely deserving of the most navel-gazing of realistic driving sims. The exterior of the steering wheel part itself is also all-plastic, without the metal parts that make these wheels seem a bit less toy-like. There are still sports car-like metal spoke shifters behind the wheel, though. A wheel that packs in a lot of substance if not the luxury touch, the Thrustmaster T is probably the best budget wheel around.

Fanatec makes some of the best, and most expensive, racing wheels going. The Fanatec CSL Elite is actually one of its more affordable models, made with a mainstream audience in mind, not least because it supports consoles rather than just the PC. As usual there are different versions for Xbox One and PS4, and the Microsoft version is actually slightly cheaper. The force feedback is a level above what you get in the Thrustermaster T RS too, even smoother and with a more precise feel, a little faster and cleaner.

It goes so stiff, in fact, that to really get the most out of the CSL Elite you want a frame into which you screw the pedals. But the price alone tells you this is an enthusiast wheel. After all, who else would choose that funky grey disco ball effect on the base? The included wheel is big, well-made and looks like it could survive the apocalypse.

However, Fanatec also makes some much nicer wheels. Like the Thrustmaster wheels, this is part of a system you can upgrade.Thanks to the way driving is embedded in our collective unconscious, we know by instinct when we approach one that turning left means going left, and so on. They are so intuitive. Such features, along with arrays of pedals to take the complexity of braking and gear changes away from your already overloaded fingers, increase the realism of the experience and help you to shave the fractions of a second off your lap times that can mean the difference between the winner and a loser.

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There's a bit of stock fluctuation about at the moment, too, which might cause a bit of a pain but our deal-finding software will bring up the latest offers from the major retailers and point you in the right direction. This is one of the best racing wheels for the serious racing game enthusiast.

The best racing wheels for PC and consoles in 2020

It incorporates high-quality force feedback so powerful, hitting a wall at the wrong angle could potentially hurt your thumbs. In track racers like GT Sport, F1 or Project CARS 2, as you can really feel the sensation of grip via the superb motorised feedback, and the speed of response to your inputs is superb. The only real problem the wheel has is that the handbrake is inevitably mapped to a button you access with your thumb, making rally games fiddly. Still, handbrake aside, this is arguably the perfect when for the serious gamer, and gets my recommendation.

Best for … Serious racers. The wheel is officially supported, and works superbly. Having the wheel push against your hands with varying degrees of resistance when you crash or steer gives you a realistic feel, and even evokes memories of arcade coin-op racers like Daytona USA. But the technology is expensive, meaning you need to be serious before buying… or at least you did.

However they can be swapped out for a better compatible set if you decide to upgrade later on. And that force feedback? Best for An excellent wheel from Logitech, the G29 replaces the incredibly popular G27 wheel from previous generation PlayStations. The pedals are responsive and the brake pedal is non-linear, giving you a more realistic braking sensation than cheaper pedal sets.

This is an excellent wheel for any PlayStation 4 gamer. This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to get the full driving experience in your home. Serious race fans will love it. This Xbox One wheel is super-smooth and feels superb to drive. Aside from the same handbrake-as-a-button problem as the Thrustmaster offerings, a unique area of consternation is the pedals. The unit we tried features an unusually stiff brake pedal, requiring immense pressure to get the brakes to engage.

Brakes aside, this is an otherwise exemplary force feedback steering wheel and one that will make any racing game more enjoyable… if not necessarily easier to play. Xbox One owners who want to feel the race, not just play it. While there is a standard version of the T, the Ferrari-branded set is actually cheaper at the moment on Amazon.

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The pedal unit is unchanged from the standard version and remains slightly thin-feeling and with far less resistance than the optional metal pedal set you can buy separately.

But the unit does support a stick shift attachment if you elect to pay for one, and the pedals can be upgraded too.Martin Bigg. Why don't I take it for a spin? The issue also affects the Thrustmaster T80 as well. Fortunately, Thrustmaster has provided a temporary fix while they work with Ivory Tower and Sony on a patch update:.

The demolition derby themed racing game originally known as Next Car Game released on Steam earlier this year after almost five years in Early Access. Polyphony, the guys behind the Gran Turismo series, recently took to the stage at the SIGGRAPH Asia industry event which showcases the latest in computer graphics and techniques to reveal that they have been secretly working on their own version of real-time ray tracing.

Real-time ray tracing which has been the stuff of dreams […]. Codemasters announced DiRT Rally 2. Sticking with our Thrustmaster Sparco R Rally Rim and triple screen setup, we take on a buggy discipline race this time from the bumper camera perspective. The short course takes us through rivers, […]. Dallara chassis, […]. There are lots of racing games that fall below the radar. Kandagawa Jet Girls is one of those niche titles, and judging […].

The anticipation is certainly hotting up for DiRT 5. Following the high profile reveal with the announcement for the Xbox Series X conversion, we swiftly moved to an early and very positive hands-on. But despite those positive impressions, the jury is still out as to the final content expected. Today Codemasters unleased their latest DiRT […]. It is fair to say that Monster Truck games have been a mixed bag over the years, those that have succeeded such as release Monster Jam: Maximum Destruction, tended to be at the right place at the right time.

Comparatively basic but delivering an experience which was just what fans needed. A game like […]. Players with an aggressive driving […]. We had to wait until the very end of the hour-long stream to finally see what the PlayStation 5 actually looks like and boy was we not disappointed. Recently I was tasked with presenting a selection of podcasts on behalf Logitech G that discuss topical issues in the gaming industry.


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